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While it’s trivial to spot Nigerian scams, today’s phishers have gotten much more advanced when it comes to exploiting their victims. Abricto Security will develop a curriculum of phishing emails that progressively increase in difficulty to identify. We meet with the security team to discuss and approve each phishing template before dispersal. Each round of phishing emails will gather statistics on your user-base to measure how many recipients reported the phish or clicked on the phish, followed the embedded links and ultimately entered information.


The idea behind sending false phishing emails to your organization is to train your workforce to be able to identify and report actual phishing attempts. This exercise should be conducted in a multi-tiered campaign to gradually grow your employees’ awareness and ability to spot actual phishes. Abricto Security believes that people can be your organization’s best defense if given the proper training and guidance. Simple annual training videos are merely a checkbox and do not encourage vigilance when clicking email links. Give your employees the actual training they deserve and lower your organization’s susceptibility to being phished.

Areas of Focus:

  • Key Performance Objectives (KPOs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for setting phishing awareness goals and measuring improvements.
  • Phishing templates catered to your organization and current events.
  • Measuring click-through rates, attachment opening rates and credential submission rates.
  • Rewarding good behavior when phishes get reported.
  • Tapering recipients who show continued improvement.


  • Executive summary reports outlining phishing campaigns launched and risk to the business.
  • On-going technical findings reports for each campaign detailing phishes opened, attachments opened and forms submitted.
  • Customer-specific phishing templates reviewed prior to sending.
  • Actionable recommendations for improving phish submission rates.

This service is perfect for capturing key performance indicators to quantify the return on security investment.

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