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Social Engineering Assessment

Social engineers spend years honing their craft. They utilize powerful influence techniques to exert control over the actions of others. By doing this, they’re able to bypass robust technical security controls. Attackers employ this technique by targeting an organization’s most vulnerable assets: its people.


Social engineering is arguably the most effective method of breaching an organization. This assessment targets your organization’s employees in targeted, crafted campaigns to measure the organization’s resilience to advanced, customized attacks. Our team ensures that this assessment is a learning experience and we share all information and recordings obtained throughout the engagement.

Areas of Focus:

  • Social media profiles
  • Publicly accessible information found via Google, Github, Pastebin, Shodan and more
  • Documents and meta-data scraped from the organization’s website
  • Phone calling, emailing, direct messages
  • Face-to-face interactions


  • Threat Surface Area: Abricto Security will provide the full portfolio of publicly accessible information gathered on the targets.
  • Exploit Attempts: We provide the attack vectors used, both those which succeeded and those which failed.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Our team skips no detail. We document and report all activities, videos and recordings of interactions with your organization.
  • Findings Remediation: We provide exhaustive recommendations of how to scrub sensitive material leaking from your organization.

Abricto Security uses the same tools, techniques and processes as nefarious social engineers. However, unlike real-world attackers and malicious manipulators, we're ethical hackers. Let us show you how powerful this hands-on approach can be and how your organization can be targeted.

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