Most wireless networks are low hanging fruit for attackers with physical access to your organization. With high-power uni-directional antennas, Wi-Fi can be attacked from up to three-hundred meters away. Abricto Security leverages the same tools and techniques used by real-world attackers to assess your wireless networks’ security.


Wireless networks are inherently more vulnerable to probing by hackers. Abricto Security validates that enterprise wireless networks are not susceptible to attack by assessing adherence to security best practices. The purpose of this assessment is to measure the ease of cracking your organization’s Wi-Fi and gaining unauthorized access to your production network.

Areas of Focus

  • Insufficient Client-Side Certificate Checks
  • Weak Pre-Shared Key Capture and Cracking
  • Deauth Denial of Service
  • Unauthorized Access Points Broadcasting Enterprise Networks
  • Default Access Point Credentials
  • Misconfigured network access controls


  • An aerial map of your physical facilities outlining wifi coverage and rogue access points.
  • Technical findings report detailing wifi security issues identified.
  • Actionable recommendations to remediate wifi security issues.
  • Executive summary outlining risk to the business, including cost of impact and likelihood of exploitation.
  • Packet captures of wifi negotiation handshakes.

Abricto Security measures the holistic security of an organization’s Wi-Fi security by validating the effectiveness of all security controls and provides actionable recommendations for vulnerability remediation.