Security budgets are often heavily spent on tools designed to make the organization more secure and simplify its security management burden. But, how effective are these tools when subjected to real-world cyber attacks? Abricto Security’s Cyber Security Capabilities Assessment answers this question.


Cyber Security Capabilities Assessment is a “prove it” moment for security tools and teams. We partner with you in a highly collaborative purple team engagement where the covers are pulled back on red team activities. Our team works together with yours to determine environment-specific goals and targets. We enumerate the organization’s security controls and validate their effectiveness to prove their ROI. This assessment allows your blue team to ask questions and tune controls as simulated attacks occur in real-time. Having this degree of open-collaboration is invaluable for understanding why events are triggered (or not) and how to tune-out the noise and focus on real indicators of compromise.

Areas of Focus

  • Security controls validation
    • Identify
    • Prevention
    • Detection
    • Response
    • Recover
  • Security team validation
  • Secure design validation
  • Simulated attack scenarios
    • Network-based attacks
    • Host-based attacks
    • Network Access Control (NAC) based attacks
    • Malware and bypass execution


  • Actionable Findings: Our security experts will document the results of each control tested and provide actionable improvement steps.
  • Live Simulated Attacks with Your TeamAbricto Security will simulate malicious activities to determine the current effectiveness of controls and teams, making on-the-spot improvement recommendations and discussions.
  • Efficient and Quality Driven: Abricto Security specializes in client satisfaction by meeting tight deadlines without cutting corners.

Our Cyber Security Capabilities Assessment validates the effectiveness of the organization’s numerous security controls working in concert with each other, such controls may include EDR, firewalls, DLP, IR processes and more.