The primary objective of our physical penetration test is to assess the strength of existing physical security controls and exploit their weaknesses before the real bad actors do.


Physical penetration tests measure the effectiveness of your physical security controls such as badging systems, door locks, security staff and more. Abricto Security’s physical security specialists will assess these controls while attempting to accomplish a predefined set of goals. Such goals will be established during the engagement scoping exercise and may include breaching the executive suite, accessing the datacenter, or gaining internal network access and persistence.

Areas of Focus

  • Reconnaissance: We gather as much information on your company as possible.
  • Scanning: We survey your corporate campus to identify areas of opportunity.
  • Gaining Access: We strike when the iron’s hot, either via social engineering or by exploiting weak security controls.
  • Maintaining Access: We obtain network access, measure internal security awareness and assess compensating security measures.
  • Clearing Our Tracks: After reverse network access is established, we carefully make our exit.


  • An executive overview of the controls assessed and the effectiveness of those controls.
  • A technical report of misconfigured, missing or broken controls with actionable remediation recommendations.
  • Video footage of key encounters and overcoming security controls.
  • Comprehensive collection of open-source information gathered during reconnaissance.

Physical access is total access. With years of experience breaking into the unbreakable, let us find the hidden weaknesses in your organization. Our goal-oriented physical penetration test will assess your physical controls in a real-world scenario.