AppSec As A Service

Facing constant cyber threats can feel overwhelming, with our AppSec as a Service, you get comprehensive product security that fits right into your development process, protecting your applications from new threats so you can focus on what matters—growing your business.

Our Process

1. Requirements Gathering

Our Security Architect ensures your application meets critical security standards like PCI and HIPAA from the start, integrating best practices into the development process.

2. Planning and Design

During planning, we build a comprehensive threat model and suggest anti-user stories to anticipate and mitigate potential security issues.

3. Development

We perform out-of-band static (SAST) and dynamic (DAST) testing on code pushed to repositories, identifying vulnerabilities early on.

4. Verification and Testing

Annually, a baseline penetration test is conducted, followed by quarterly incremental tests on new components to ensure ongoing security.

5. Release and Maintain

Post-launch, our Aardwolf platform continuously discovers new external attack surfaces, monitors for exposed services, and tracks certificate health, WAF, and DNS configurations for new vulnerabilities.

What Others Are Saying

The tooling Abricto Security AppSec As A Service offers is just what we needed to cut through the alert fatigue that we’ve experienced with other services. The integration of the service has been smooth so far, and Abricto Security’s technical support team has provided very thoughtful answers to our advanced technical issues.

David Walker, Chief Technology Officer @ Intellicure

Benefits of AppSec As A Service

Reduced Risk of Data Breaches

Protect your customer data and mitigate the risk of costly breaches.

Compliance Ease

Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance with less effort and more confidence.

Enhanced Customer Trust

Strengthen customer relationships by showcasing a commitment to stringent security measures.

Developer Empowerment

Empower your developers with the tools and insights needed to integrate security into their daily workflows.


Ensures new features are secure and compliant from development through deployment, mitigating launch vulnerabilities.

Agnostic Approach To Security

Our agnostic approach delivers tailored, flexible security solutions without tool bias, aligning precisely with your needs.

Use Cases

Compliance Adherence

Helps SaaS companies continuously meet regulatory requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS through compliance tools and expertise.

Secure Launch of New Features

Ensures new features are secure and compliant from development through deployment, mitigating launch vulnerabilities.

Scaling Embedded Security

Provides scalable security solutions that enhance defenses as the application grows and the user base expands.

Secure Third-Party Integrations

Evaluates and monitors third-party services to prevent new integrations from introducing vulnerabilities.

On-Going Security Testing

Helps SaaS companies continuously meet regulatory requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS through compliance tools and expertise.

DevSecOps Integration

Provides turn-key tools to integrate security directly into the DevOps process, promoting a seamless security workflow.

Adaptive ASPM Coverage

ASPM scales your security, adapting dynamically as your application grows and threats evolve.

Legacy System Security Overhaul

Supports secure modernization of legacy systems, managing risks associated with data migration and architectural updates.

Certified Expertise

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What exactly does AppSec as a Service cover?
AppSec as a Service includes security integration planning, automated and manual testing, continuous monitoring, and expert support to discover and manage vulnerabilities.

How does this service integrate with existing development pipelines?
Our service is designed to seamlessly integrate without disrupting your existing workflows, thanks to our flexible and adaptive approach.

Can Abricto help with compliance reports?
Absolutely, our services include compliance reporting features to help you meet various regulatory requirements with ease.

What makes Abricto different from other security services?
Our focus on real-time insights, expert support, and flexibility tailored to SaaS platforms sets us apart in enhancing application security postures effectively.

We already have a security solution in place, how can your AppSec As A Service complement this?
Our AppSec As A Service (ASaaS) is designed to enhance and complement your existing product security measures. Our approach is to integrate with your current security infrastructure seamlessly, filling in any gaps and providing advanced layers of protection. We can work alongside your current solutions to strengthen your application security, offering expert insights, real-time monitoring, and additional testing capabilities that your existing solutions might not cover. This ensures a more robust defense system without the need to replace what already works for you.

Looking to Reduce Your App’s Risk Exposure?

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