Web applications are the windows into an organization; they are always-on and exposed to cyber-criminals world-wide. Attackers leverage this exposure by masking their exploit attempts to resemble typical user interactions. Coupled together, these two conditions account for 62% of breaches annually.


Conducting a web application penetration test is a crucial part of any secure software development lifecycle. Here we seek to identify vulnerabilities that are commonly missed by static code analyzers and automated application vulnerability scanners. The real value added in web application penetration testing is thinking like an actual black-hat hacker and exploiting logic-based vulnerabilities. These security issues are often high impact vulnerabilities that require immediate remediation.

Areas of Focus

  • Manual Static Code Analysis:
    • Leave the tedious work to our professionals. We manually traverse your code base to identify discrete attack vectors or business-logic vulnerabilities.
    • Access to the application code base expedites the penetration test by allowing us to skip time-intensive blind-fuzzing and execute specific handcrafted exploit attempts.
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing:
    • Conducting targeted, semi-automated dynamic scanning is the secret sauce that differentiates us from the competition. Our experienced penetration testers zone in on sensitive functions that handle user-controllable input to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in your applications.
    • We scrutinize the critical components that make your application tick including authentication and authorization mechanisms and business logic workflows.


  • Actionable Findings: Our web application security experts will identify vulnerabilities in your website and provide actionable remediation steps.
  • Unparalleled Service: Abricto Security provides detailed proof-of-concept steps to recreate each attack.
  • Standardized Testing Frameworks: We adhere to OWASP’s comprehensive Web Application Testing Guide.
  • Efficient and Quality Driven: Abricto Security specializes in customer satisfaction by meeting tight deadlines without cutting corners.

With the help of Abricto, you can stay ahead of security risks. Our team uses ethical hacking to exploit the vulnerabilities that exist in your website. Ask us about integrating into your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for continuous testing throughout the development process.