Junior Security Consultant

Interested in cybersecurity as a potential career? Enjoy “hack the box” competitions and ethical hacking? Come learn more about the field, participate in real engagements with enterprise clients, and receive training and mentoring from our world-class security consultants.

Junior Security Consultants
  • Grow professionally by shadowing Senior Security Consultants
  • Learn security fundamentals through hands-on exercises
  • Conduct supervised penetration testing
  • Contribute to internal documentation
  • Research and develop new tools
  • Compose blog articles to share knowledge with the greater information security community
  • Prepare and deliver conference presentations showcasing research and development efforts
Program Logistics
Abricto is based out of the Atlanta, GA area. Daily work is done remotely, generally Monday through Friday during standard business hours (Eastern Standard Time). Jr. Security Consultants will also be invited to attend in-person “All-Hands” meetings that occur while they are involved in the program. We work with each individual to develop a weekly schedule (which days as well as maximum hours) that aligns to their development goals and balances with their academic responsibilities.
Abricto’s Junior Security Consultant program runs throughout the year: January-May, May-September, August-December. While no Junior is guaranteed participation in more than the period of the original offer, high-performing Juniors may be offered the opportunity to participate in multiple rounds of the program. If full-time positions are available at the conclusion of a program period, qualified Juniors are considered for the roles prior to external applicants.


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