AI offers significant potential to enhance value for clients and internal services. Although implementation can be challenging, the need for embedded security has never been more critical. Abricto Security researches and develops methods to exploit AI integrations, uncovering conditions that could harm applications, organizations, and underlying data. These assessments identify vulnerabilities, enabling remediation before any malicious or fraudulent activity occurs.


Our Security Consultants are constantly pushing the envelope on AI penetration testing. Specifically, our team researches and develops custom exploitation scenarios to keep us on the bleeding-edge. The Abricto Security team adheres to the OWASP LLM AI Security & Governance principles and assesses compliance to these guidelines. Our approach is constantly developed to be effective against new models from publishers such as OpenAI, Meta, Anthropic, and Google. The goal of this assessment is to discover errors and fallacies in AI integrations of applications and services.

AI Penetration Testing Areas of Focus

  • LLM Prompt Injection
  • LLM Plugin Compromise
  • LLM Jailbreak
  • Training Data Leakage
  • Training Data Poisoning
  • Model Integrity
  • Public Model Artifacts
  • Unsecure Credentials
  • Machine Language Supply Chain Compromise
  • Web Application Integration Exploitation
  • Denial of Service


  • Comprehensive security findings report detailing systems targeted, vulnerabilities identified, exploit walk-throughs and remediation guidance.
  • Executive debrief to quantify business risk.
  • Technical debrief to discuss exploit scenarios, remediation recommendations and next steps.
  • Testing artifacts to replicate findings and test efficacy of remediations.

Abricto Security is leading the industry in AI penetration testing techniques and processes. Our consultants regularly present at regional and national conferences to share this information with the broader community and strengthen the collective AI security awareness.