Abricto Security understands that all industries feel the impact of COVID-19 and we’re here to help. Our team is shifting our operating procedures to accommodate fully remote consultations and assessments. Here is how we plan to do so:

  • We will host virtual meetings for presales, kick-offs, status updates, and debrief calls
  • We will provide pre-configured laptops to allow plug-and-play, hands-off remote access for assessments
  • We’ll adjust assessment timelines as-needed to account for COVID-19 setbacks
  • We provide a secure document upload and storage solution to exchange files with all clients to eliminate the need for in-person deliveries
  • We offer fully electronic proposals and payment services

In times of uncertainty, Abricto Security seizes the opportunity to strengthen relationships with our clients by providing flexibility, guidance, and assistance wherever possible.

A Word of Caution:

In times of distress, emotions take over, and people are often at their most vulnerable. Malicious attackers will exploit this vulnerability with phishing and social-engineering attacks which are especially effective when coupled with COVID-19 concerns. We highly advise that organizations of all sizes exercise caution and remain vigilant to the onslaught of phishing attempts of cybercriminals. Our team is happy to provide complimentary consultations to organizations who are being targeted by COVID-19 phishing campaigns to provide guidance and risk mitigation advice. Please don’t hesitate to reach us via our contact page.