Full Circle Security

Product security at an enterprise level is no easy feat. Our Full Circle Security service combines penetration testing-as-a-service with software security best practices to deliver secure products faster.


Full Circle Security (FCS) is the perfect solution for business critical applications where product security is a must-have. The service provides one or more full-scope penetration tests along with multiple incremental penetration tests – enabling agile teams to continuously deploy new updates and product features. Your development team will have full access to our in-house expert advice at all times to discuss security controls and implementation options.

Full Circle Security identifies vulnerabilities earlier in the development lifecycle enabling faster, more cost-effective remediation.

Full-Scope Penetration Testing

The full-scope penetration test measures the baseline for the application’s security posture. These are conducted at least annually, often driven by compliance requirements. The vulnerabilities identified by this exercise are added to the development team’s backlog to be remediated.

Incremental Penetration Testing

Incremental penetration tests are typically conducted every three to four sprints. These are finely-scoped assessments mainly focused on testing the changes introduced since the last penetration test. These engagements are agile in nature and typically take less than two business days to complete. Findings are captured in our portal which can integrate with clients’ ticketing systems.

Security Architect Guidance

We dedicate a Security Architect to each product enrolled in Full Circle Security. This key resource engages prior to all penetration tests to understand new features and changes to the application. They are made available to product development teams for expert security advice at any stage of the product’s development.

Areas of Focus

  • Secure development guidelines and principles.
  • Risk assessments driven by design elements and data flow diagrams.
  • Auditable compliance enabled through secure design patterns.


  • Threat Model Diagram and Component-Specific Attack Surface Report
  • Verification and Validation of DAST Effectiveness
  • Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Report
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Report

Full Circle Security embeds product security at each phase of the software security life-cycle, enabling rapid – more secure – product deployments.