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Full Circle Security (FCS)

Product security at an enterprise level can be a daunting endeavor. Abricto Security’s Full Circle Security offering solves this problem by integrating with your CI/CD pipeline to ensure security objectives are accomplished at each stage of the “plan, build, deploy” process. 


FCS is the perfect service to leverage for a holistic product security program. Abricto Security partners and integrates with your product development team to walk through each step of the secure software development lifecycle, embedding security along the way. Your development team will have full access to our in-house expert advice at all times to discuss security controls and implementation options. 

Enterprise development teams find this service especially useful as a comprehensive approach to product security to identify and remediate most security issues before penetration testing is ever conducted. Early vulnerability identification and remediation saves time, cost and effort by an order of magnitude when compared to last-minute vulnerability remediation.

We leverage the following techniques to embed security at all stages of the development lifecycle:

  • Privacy review
  • Security architectural review and threat modeling
  • Manual and automated static code analysis
  • Dynamic code analysis
  • Component vulnerability management
  • Security operations review
  • Penetration testing

Areas of Focus:

  • Threat modeling to identify potential vulnerabilities before code is ever written.
  • Secure development guidelines and principles.
  • Risk assessments driven by design elements and data flow diagrams.
  • Auditable compliance enabled through secure design patterns.


  • End-to-end security integration into product development.
  • Secure programming and engineering practices.
  • Turn-key operational security enabled by baked-in security.
  • Insights and key metrics to measure return on investments.
  • Audit compliance by building to standardized frameworks.
  • Review of product authentication, authorization, data security and privacy.
  • Data flow, threat model, and network architecture diagrams.
  • Static code analysis, dynamic application security testing and penetration testing.

The FCS Service offers a variety of techniques for protection at the enterprise level––keeping your organization safe when you need it most.

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