Exploiting Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerabilities to Steal Cookies

By |2023-01-25T12:52:36-05:00January 24, 2023|Blog|

What are Cookies? While browsing the internet, chances are that you’ve came across pop-ups that ask if you want to allow cookies. Instead of questioning what cookies are, the average user accepts the cookies and ...

Is your penetration testing vendor just trying to sell you products and services?

By |2022-08-24T15:16:48-04:00September 17, 2020|Blog|

Not too long ago, while working at another company, I was subjected to a presentation by a paid speaker at our annual sales kickoff meeting.  Since I was heavily focused on security consulting solutions for ...

Defining the Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC)

By |2022-08-24T15:17:19-04:00June 30, 2020|Blog|

Here at Abricto Security, we believe that application penetration tests only reveal the tip of the iceberg. Specifically, if we conduct an application penetration test and we find that it’s riddled with vulnerabilities, the remediation ...

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